“Sambal” Insight 2022

As a complement that has been a staple of Indonesian cuisine, Sambal– an Indonesian style hot relish, is seen to grow stronger over the years despite the pandemic. By the end of Q3 only, it shared IDR 84.78 billion revenue in the two major market place in Indonesia. Growing over 96% compared to 2021– full year. 

10-MGP230201-CHART SAMBAL-01.jpg

Sambal generated IDR 116.31 billion in 2022 alone leading the game of the condiment in Indonesia compared to sauce and dressing, and sweet soy sauce with IDR 66.82 billion and IDR 54.43 billion revenue respectively. Showing the importance of this commodity to the Indonesian.

10-MGP230201-CHART SAMBAL-02.jpg

Although the ABC brand was able to deliver over 1 million quantity sold sambal product in 2022, they were not leading the market. In fact, ABC market share was less than a half of the Eatsambel market share with “only” IDR 13.42 billion revenue. Eatsambel which only sold the traditional sambal topped the game by earning IDR 29,1 billion, which is around 25% of the whole market share.

10-MGP230201-CHART SAMBAL-08.png

10-MGP230201-CHART SAMBAL-07.png

On a closer look, over 80% of Eatsambel revenue came from Shopee while the rest was going to Tokopedia. Shopee itself had 62% share of the Sambal game in the market place worth IDR 72.79 billion. 

10-MGP230201-CHART SAMBAL-03.jpg

On the other side of the charts, Tokopedia revenue was dominated by the ABC. Taking just over 20% share as reflected in the number of quantities sold.

10-MGP230201-CHART SAMBAL-05.jpg

Another familiar brand that is worth to look is Boncabe. This well-known chilli flakes brand had similar performance in both Marketplaces. Boncabe respectively shared 2.5% and 3.2% revenue on Shopee and Tokopedia. This fact leads to a question, how does the well-known brand share less than 5% in revenue?

BonCabe GMV in Shopee.jpg

BonCabe GMV in Tokopedia.jpg

What is the other top brand in the Sambal category? What is the top SKU performance in e-commerce? And, how would the market of Sambal grow in the upcoming year? Contact us now!