Lip Products Report : Exclusively Bold Beauty Trends

Lip Products Report : Exclusively Bold Beauty Trends

The cosmetics business is truly in high demand. According to a survey by Zap, most Indonesian women consider lip products their most crucial cosmetic. It led to a report by Statista that this Lips area is predicted to earn USD 347 million in 2023.

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The Lips Products market reached IDR 571.71 Billion with 20.7 million units sold in July - December 2022. A sudden spike at the end of Q4 resulted in a 19.2% increase in the overall market.

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Shopee topped the market in Indonesia with 91.2%, while Tokopedia had only 8.8%. Tokopedia saw significant growth and expanded its market share in Q4 against Q3.

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Scope and Methodology:

  • Data is collected from Tokopedia and Shopee public data of quantity sold and price.

  • The total product collected is 141.2K products from 7.9K merchants.

  • The data collection period is from July 1st to December 31st, 2022.

  • Data cleansing is applied to remove bundles, gifts, and unrelated products.

  • GMV estimation is calculated by multiplying qty sold vs price daily. A slight data deviation from price changes is not recorded between snapshots.